• Bite Shield Mosquito Repelling Geraniol Pillar Candles 2-Pack


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  • Description

    Sitting in the back yard, by the pool or on the deck, cooking dinner on the barbeque, or just going for an evening walk can all be ruined when mosquitoes chase you away. Koolatron's Bite ShieldTM Mosquito Repellers are developed to help you take back the great outdoors! Using an all-natural Geraniol formulation developed and patented by the University of Florida and made in the USA, we've incorporated the proven mosquito repelling benefits of Geraniol into a full line of Bite Shield mosquito repellers including wristbands, candles and our Original Bite ShieldTM Portable. Whether walking, working or sitting, there's a Bite Shield Mosquito Repeller here that will help you enjoy more time outside - and less time swatting mosquitoes!These pillar candles emit a pleasant smelling scent as they burn, that repels mosquitoes and other biting insects. It's proven Geraniol formulation, which was developed by the University of Florida, is 400% more effective then Citronella. The decorative and stylish Pillar Candle is an effective tool for protecting your loved ones from harmful blood seeking insects.
    What's in the Box?: 2 Bite shield candles

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