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    A waffle baker, grill, and griddle, this three-in-one appliance  comes in handy during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after school. Key  to the unit's versatility are two 8-inch-square cooking plates--one set  into the product's bottom and the other into the hinged top. On one  side the plates form grids for making four waffles at once. Flipped  over to show their flat sides they're capable of top and bottom  grilling a sandwich or steak. To create griddle space, the top opens up  flat, forming two 8-inch-square cooking surfaces for all foods that  love a griddle--such as pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. Channels send  grease to spouts in the griddles' corners, where it drains away.  Nonstick to release food easily and wipe clean, the cooking plates also  can be removed for scrubbing. A heat control offers high, low, and  medium temperatures. With its chrome housing and stay-cool black  synthetic handles, this 900-watt appliance looks great on the counter.  Afterward, the cord wraps around the hinge, plus you can stand the unit  upright for compact storage. It measures 11-1/4 inches wide, 5 inches  high, and 11-3/4 inches deep and carries a one-year warranty against  defects. The plates will be slightly loose when the lid is open but this is normal with waffle/grill makers that are inter changeable.The plates are secured by little metal clips. The clips secure the plates to the griddle. You can take them out and flip them to make waffles. --Fred Brack 
           Russell Hobbs G48TD Electric Grill G48TD 946

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