• Blacktail Trophy Tactics II

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    "Your book "Blacktail Trophy Tactics" is the best single book I have ever read on hunting.  It is absolutely incredible.  It has resulted in my seeing more game than ever before.  There simply is no other book like it with its wealth of information and careful attention to detail."  --  S.L., reader of Blacktail Trophy Tactics "Your book makes excellent points about deer hunting in general as well as particular steps for blacktail.  It will be a valuable addition to my library of hunting books.  It won't go into a bookcase however, it will find a home on the shelf above my computer alongside Dwight Schuh's "Bowhuntng for Mule Deer" and Leonard Rue's "Deer of North America."  --  R.B., reader of Blacktail Trophy Tactics Boyd Iverson does a masterful job of presenting the ins and outs of hunting blacktails, from the very basic to the most advanced strategies.  This book is a must if you intend to step into the blacktail's domain.  This savvy deer has a way of outsmarting most hunters.  Do yourself a favor and even the odds in your favor.  Read this book  --  Jim Zumbo, Outdoor Life Magazine Hunting Editor 
           Boyd Iverson is from Eugene, Oregon and has successfully hunted blacktail deer for over 30 years.  He has written articles for Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Fins and Feathers, Washington-Oregon Fish and Game, Blacktail Publications, Petersens Hunting, Deer and Deer Hunting and the Oregon Hunter Magazine.     This is Boyd's second book.  Blacktail Trophy Tactics, his first book was very successful and is no longer in print.

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