• Blair's Beyond Death, 5oz


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  • Description

    Blair's Beyond Death Hot Sauce. The mad man is at it again with this collector's edition Beyond Death that is so hot he had to seal it with his trademark wax seal. This formula was originally made in 1992, but it has been brought back from the dead with this killer hot sauce. Use with extreme caution because it will hurt!!

    "In 1992, I wanted to make my sauce even hotter then After Death. However, I could only afford to print my own labels that said "Beyond' and stock them over the word " After". The sauce was a great success. The formula evolved and became what is now the world famous "Sudden Death". The eye on the bottle was the original design created for Death Sauce. The original Beyond Death is now back in 2007 with four new unique labels designs - some 15 years later!!!

    The formula has been returned to the original version. Beyond Death is Hot... and has the wonderful hint of Chipotle. It makes one great collector piece and of course... is an amazing sauce for all of your chillhead needs".

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