• Blair's Mega Death, 5oz


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    OK tough guy and gal. You want your ass kicked??? We all need an attitude adjustment now and then. And now you've found it. Mega Death Rocks!
    Size: 5 fl. oz. 150 ml
    Suggested Uses: Be warned: this sauce contains ingredients 500 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Use sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution.
    Ingredients: Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chilies, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavor (contains soybean oils), Ancho Chilies, Chipotle Chilies, Molasses, Guave Nectar, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices.
    Disclaimer: Warning: this product contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet earth. Please use with extreme caution.

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