• Blessings on the Wind: The Mystery & Meaning of Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Clear Light Publishing

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    High on the Tibetan Plateau, colorful prayer flags flutter, blowing the blessings of the Buddha out over all the Earth. Blessings on the Wind offers a unique way to practice sacred customs and enhance good fortune with a set of five authentic, traditional Tibetan prayer flags accompanied by a beautifully illustrated hardcover book. The companion volume details the history and origin of Tibetan prayer flags, explaining their rich meaning and offering advice on how to display them most auspiciously. A foreword by renowned scholar of Tibetan Buddhism Robert Thurman, along with explanations of the meaningful symbols printed on the flags, translations of mantras, and meditations to accompany rituals, together offer hands-on insights into the beauty and wisdom of Tibetan beliefs. For newcomers and longtime Buddhists alike, Blessings on the Wind offers a tangible way to promote good karma and celebrate Buddhist traditions.

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