• Blood on the Doorposts: An Advanced Course in Spiritual Warfare

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    Bill Schnoebelen spent much of his life in a search for spiritual truth.  Raised in a devout Catholic home, he determined to get all that God had for him through the Catholic church. At age 5, he decided to become a priest.  However, between the changes of the Vatican II council and the hypocrisy of many of the clergy he encountered in college, he began to seek in other paths. Due partially to the influence of liberal professors at the minor seminary, he studied spiritualism, ESP and ultimately white witchcraft. By the time he had his bachelor's degree, he was a full-fledged witch (Wiccan).  From there, his spiritual path took some even stranger turns.  Since witches believe that there really are no spiritual guidelines beyond the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do what ye will." Bill and his wife (high priestess) continued to investigate various lines of occult power.  Through much travel and also trance channeling, they came in contact with supposedly high "Spiritual Masters" (both physical and astral beings), who told them that different currents of power were necessary to totally fulfill them as authentic seekers on the Path of Wisdom. These included Freemasonry, cultural spiritualism (Voodoo, etc.) Thelema (the Aleister Crowley cult), Rosicrucianism, the Catholic priesthood, Mormonism, and various Eastern philosophies.  Ultimately, through a gradual seduction process which promised them ever greater wisdom, they were led into the Church of Satan, and then "underground Satanism."  This process took almost 16 years.  Because of their belief in the necessity of excelling in all these different disciplines, Bill and his wife, Sharon, achieved very high levels of training in most of the above systems. Though it may be difficult for the lay person to understand how anyone could be deceived enough to become involved in so many bizarre belief systems, the occult mind-set finds little contradiction in getting into many different forms of spirituality, since it is believed that "All gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess and there is but one Initiator."  Only through Jesus Christ and His saving work on the cross could Bill and Sharon be set free and come to understand that Jesus is the ultimate source of all wisdom (Col. 2:3) and power (Matt. 28:18) and that He alone can bring us into contact with the true and living God (John 14:6).  Today, Bill and Sharon operate With One Accord Ministries, and provide counseling to many people who seek deliverance from the occult.  Books written by William Schnoebelen:  Masonry, Beyond the Light Wicca Lucifer Dethroned Blood on the Doorposts

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