• BluTrack 18' Starter Set


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  • Description

    18' length of BluTrack with adaptable hanger and anchor system. Redesigned retail package doubles as storage and carrying case. Plenty of track for countless designs and hours of fun.
           BluTrack is a build it yourself racing system for hot wheels or Darda size and style cars. The flexible track can be laid out however you like it, and attached to walls and furniture with the included hangers. This package includes an 18-Foot Continuous coil of flexible 2 lane race track in a redesigned reusable storage and transport box. Includes adaptable hanger system allowing quick easy setup almost anywhere indoors or outdoors. Plenty of track to set up as many configurations as you can dream up. You can do more with one 18-Foot length of BluTrack than they can with several sets of other traditional system. Features:     ? No small parts     ? Two lanes instead of one     ? Countless track configurations - Let the children's imaginations go....     ? Quick setup and storage - Two minutes or less     ? Gravity feed - No batteries or electricity needed     ? Expandable - Easily connect track extensions for added length with the patented connector system     ? Designed for durability     ? Uses standard 1/64th scale cars - Note: some car designs perform better than others.

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