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    Tired of $250 clipper ship kits that aren't big enough to house a traveling flea circus, and which you'll never finish anyway? Don't want another modeling book by a hobbyist who has never built a real boat or seen salt water? In  Boat Modeling With Dynamite Payson , the well-known author/boatbuilder takes his instant approach to building full-size boats down a peg, to tabletop replicas of small rowing and sailing craft suitable for the mantle, mudpuddles, or just dreaming.  To build the beginning modeler's confidence, Dynamite starts with a very simple toy lobsterboat  anyone  can build in an hour, then walks the reader through a progressively more complex family of models--dories, skiffs, catboats, peapods--that each introduce a new facet of the craft. Dynamite's friendly, no-nonsense instructions and step-by-step photographs, coupled with marine artist Doug Alvord's handsome drawings, guide the reader through each boat's construction, from stem to stern.  The only modeling book written by a real Maine boatbuilder,  Boat Modeling With Dynamite Payson  will feed the fantasies and hone the skills of armchair sailors of all ages and degrees of competence, whether as a warm-up to a full-size boatbuilding project, or as an end in itself.  Dear Dynamite:  "Your matter-of-fact style takes boatbuilding from a world of offset tables and woodworking mystique into everyone's backyard shop."--Mark Klopfenstein, Fullerton, California  "As a technical writer, I appreciate a book that is well organized, simple, and straightforward in its approach, and uses a minimum of extraneous words . . . Thanks for writing something that a novice can understand without either becoming intimidated or being made to feel stupid."--Art Norrington, Clute, Texas  "I have the greatest admiration for your work, for your unusual teaching skills and ability to inspire even the most hardcore procrastinators into  action ."--Sean Gagnier, Mendocino, California  "Not only do you provide excellent information--well laid out and very readable--but you have the knack of allowing the reader to get to know you as a person--an excellent combination of talents."--Robert W. Norris, Columbia, Maryland  "I feel like an old friend already! I have just started to read your book for the third time in a week. I am impressed by the simplicity of it all; the method of construction, the design, the clear and humorous instruction."--Peter Fitzpatrick, Kelowna, British Columbia  "Carpenters and boatbuilders might be a dollar a dozen, but people like you are a blessing to mankind. You are to boatbuilding what Professor Suzuki was for music and violin playing; opening fields of joy which were before considered the exclusive province of the happy few."--Glorieux, Antwerpen, Belgium
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           Former lobsterman on the Maine coast, Harold --Dynamite-- Payson became one of the most influential boatbuilders and authors in the build-it-yourself genre. Specializing in boats easily built in plywood, he expanded his building, saw sharpening books to include several modelmaking how-to's.
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