• Boddington on African Rifles

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    The subject of rifles and cartridges for African hunting has been one of the most popular campfire discussions for generations, and has spawned some of our best hunting literature. I've contributed a wee bit with my Safari Rifles, which has been by far the most popular of my 20-odd books, recently updated and expanded into Safari Rifles II. My partners at Safari Classics and I thought that, using a combination of field, range, and studio footage, the subject was ideal for a feature-length DVD, something that has never been attempted. The result is Boddington on African Rifles, continuing our series of African-based feature-length DVDs, but this time focusing on the rich, varied, and fascinating subject of rifles, cartridges, bullets, and sights for African hunting. We take you through both the history and modern applications of African rifles and cartridges-and then we look at suitable choices for the various classes of game, finally putting it all together in recommendations for safari batteries for your hunting. This DVD features many classic big bore rifles up through and including the .700 nitro express and includes historic rifles such as John "Pondoro" Taylor's .450 double and Fletcher Jamieson's .500 Jeffrey. If you like hunting-or if you like hunting rifles-this DVD is for you!

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