• Body Bar and Ball Basics DVD

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    DS-DVD-BBBB  BODY BAR AND BALL BASICS - The Body Bar and stability ball join forces to trim, tone, tighten, and challenge every muscle that you have. This express workout is the perfect introduction to the skills you will need to develop strength and balance in a fun, effective and time-efficient workout. You will learn exercises to train both your upper and lower body in a user-friendly format that is perfect for the newcomer and intermediate exerciser. Clear cues and encouraging words guide you through even the toughest positions. This 30 minute workout will teach strong basic exercises for Body Bar and ball that are challenging and fun. Short and sweet! Feature: -Body Bar and Ball Basics DVD. -Level: Beginner to advanced. -Made in USA. -Stability ball must be purchased separately. Specifications: -Weight user capacity: 0.5 lb. Brochure

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