• Booster Pack #2

    Eye Think, Inc.

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    A RetroTech Toy...18 New & Eexciting StrobodisksTM to add to your collection! Spin the Top and catch the Action!
    Booster Pack #2-"EYEMAZING ANIMATIONS II"-  includes 12 colorful Strobodisks and 6 draw-your-own strobodisks
    Winner of 6 Toy Awards:
        Moms Best Award
        Dr Toy 100 Best Products Award
        Oppenheim Platinum Award
        Creative Child: Top Toooy of the Year Award
        Dr Toy : 10 Best Tech Products Award
        Tullywig Toy Award
    Watch as pictures and patterns come to life right before your eyes! Spin the StrobotopTM, aim your LightPhaser at it, and adjust the dial. Suddenly, the blurring images snap into focus and spring to life before your eyes! Animals leap and gallop. Children run and play. Kaleidoscopic patterns move and change.  StrobTop and LightPhaser Sold Separately.
    Ages 6 and up

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