• Bormioli Rocco Giara Sky Blue Glass Bottle With Stopper 33 3/4oz

    Down to Earth Distributers

  • $13.22

  • Description

    Extra strong and resilient, the sky blue glass bottle can be used to conveniently store a number of foods a liquids. Utilizing a stopper, the bottle can be sealed and thus preserve its contents for an extended period. Excellent for holding beverages, the bottle can also be used to store ingredients such as oil and vinegar. The narrow neck is ideal for pouring, and so spills are easily avoided. Bormioli Rocco has been producing fine Italian glasses since the middle ages, and has constantly evolved and improved their techniques and products through tireless innovation. This vast historical knowledge and experience has resulted in some of the finest glasswares ever created, which have now become available to international markets. Their latest works combine the excellence of traditional glass making with the elegance and efficiencies of modern production; the result is unbeatable design and performance.

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