• Boudoir Boxed Candle - White Narcissus

    Seda France

  • $50.00

  • Description

    In Greek mythology, the beautiful but vain Narcissus spent his life staring at his own reflection in a shimmering pool of water, and the stunning flowering plant that sprang up in that very spot was his namesake. Our White Narcissus is no less stunning or entrancing, with the warm sweetness of cassis accompanying the flower's lusty, spring-like scent along with a delicate arrangement of tuberose, gardenia and rose, and just a pinch of deep musk to round out an exceptional creation.
    Our generous 2-ounce hand-poured candle .White narcissus, cassis, tuberose, gardenia, rose, and musk
    •Signature packaging, needs no gift wrapping; etched glass with toile design

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