• Boxed Set Of Pleasure Of Finding Things Out & Meaning Of It All

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    Praise for The Pleasure of Finding Things Out:"[A] sparkling collection."--Wall Street Journal"This marvelous collection of talks, interviews, and essays offers a memorable sample of the wit, brilliance, and irreverence of the most celebrated physicist of our time. The more one reads of Feynman, the more one falls in love with his refreshingly enthusiastic view of the world."--Alan Guth, author of The Inflationary Universe"A delightful reminder of Feynman's prodigious gifts."--Nature"Feynman's distinctive voice rings out in this book."--Scientific AmericanPraise for The Meaning of It All:"From the great physicist's archives, three delightful lectures on science, society, and our precious freedom of ignorance."--New York Times"Richard Feynman was a man of many reputations: brilliant physicist, charismatic teacher, irrepressible raconteur, and unforgettable character ...When Feynman describes the scientist as an acrobat walking 'beautiful tightropes of logic,' we understand how a generation of young physicists might have been drawn to follow this brilliant Pied Piper out onto the wire, high above the crowd."--Boston Globe"Scattered through this book is a wonderful collection of personal stories, told in the authentic Feynman style, bringing his meditations to life."--The New York Review of Books

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