• BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY-A New Way of Creating Solid Self Esteem - 10 Hour Videobook Intensive Workshop on DVD

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    The bombshell 10 hour long DVD series BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY started a revolution in understanding family relationships and how families get messed up and mired in negative behaviors.  In this widely acclaimed PBS television series, BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY, John Bradshaw focuses on the crisis within the family today, how attitudes become encoded within family members and then acted out on the family and society as a whole. It provides indicators on how to know if your family is healthy, warning signs of unhealthy, destructive, and dysfunctional behaviors and what you can do if your family has been contaminated and is in crisis. This worthwhile and widely acclaimed PBS series contains ten hours of programming focusing on how the dynamics of the family relating to how and why incest, battering, compulsive or addictive behaviors are set up and help with intervention, healing and forgiveness for those in despair and crisis in their relationships. The series provides the revolutionary theory of healthy families and provides coping skills and hope for the family in crisis.  
    This series, BRADSHAW ON: THE FAMILY-A New Way Of Creating Solid Self-Esteem, is recommended for personal, academic and public libraries and those searching for new ways to understand family systems and the importance of understanding this revolutionary theory of healthy families. 
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