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    While there are many tapes designed to stimulate a baby's mind,   Brainy Baby  is unique in addressing left and right brain functions in  distinct programs. Called "whole brain thinking," the theory is that if children  are stimulated to use both sides of the brain--preparing them to think logically and creatively--they will become more adept at learning and problem solving. Capitalizing on this research, the folks at Small Fry Productions (makers of  Bilingual Baby ) have produced a two-volume set to develop the whole brain. Volume one helps stimulate the right brain, which research shows is the center for creativity, intuition, and imagination. To engage such processes, the program uses imagery (such as ink blots and clouds transforming into familiar objects), color recognition (by way of deliciously gooey paint), and patterns (from nesting shapes to 3-D objects). Unlike the  So Smart!  approach, there is enthusiastic narration during the 32-minute program and more variation between segments. Employing the so-called Mozart effect, the program utilizes classical music (believed to enhance a child's spatial intelligence) from impressionist era composers Debussy, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky. Whether or not a parent is interested in the push to "develop a child's creative side for a smarter baby" (as the film's literature espouses), there is another compelling reason to consider the  Brainy Baby  series: pure enjoyment. Parents will get a kick out of watching their toddlers respond to the visual feast before them. And the accompanying classical melodies make it palatable for parents too. (For ages 6  to 36 months.)  --Lynn Gibson 
           This video works together with the Left Brain video to present both creative and logical types of images and activities. Right Brain features classical music and gentle voices, and explores Creative Thinking, Art & Drawing, Rhymes, Imagination, and more! DVD includes special features such as: Baby Bloopers, Behind The Scenes, and Storybook.  45 minutes

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