• BRAVO Train TRT Buff Dog 2.5z

    Animal Supply Co

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    Regular training, as well as daily treating, almost always involves the use of lots of treats. The typical grocery store treat is loaded with grains and preservatives and it is not healthy. Fed in quantity, over time, they can lead to unwanted and unintended health problems. So we developed Bravo! Training Treats for a healthy treat for use when you train, or as a nutritious every day reward for simply being a "good dog."
    Buffalo meat is high in protein and low in fat, calories and cholesterol. It is considered to be one of the best meats to feed a pet. Our Buffalo Bites are made from the buffalo's heart, which is a rich source for the coenzyme CoQ10, an antioxidant recognized for its ability to promote heart health. Buffalo is also an excellent source of high quality protein, iron and B vitamins. Bravo! Buffalo Bites are made from premium grade, ranch raised, grass-fed bison. Our bison is source-verified and tested by the USDA to be free of growth hormones. Best of all, dogs love Bravo! Buffalo Bites.

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