• Brewcraft Hydrometer 3 scale with instructions

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    Gauge the alcohol content in your fermentation with a Brewcraft Triple Scale Hydrometer. For accurate information about your brew, you can't beat the convenience of triple scale hydrometers. This model is made from glass and offers you the chance to take your readings using a specific gravity, potential alcohol, or Brix scale. Regardless of what scale you choose, this hydrometer offers you the tool you need to assess the density of your wort and ultimately, the strength of your beer. When it comes to homebrewing, the best results happen with the best attention to detail. Monitor your process with ease using this Brewcraft Triple Scale hydrometer. *Please note: This hydrometer is calibrated to offer the most accurate readings in a brew that is held steady at 68 F. Please click here if you need a thermometer.*. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of glass. Potential alcohol, specific gravity, and Brix/Balling scales. Gives you accurate info about the strength of your brew.

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