• Brewcraft Recipe Pack: Dry Hopped West Coast IPA

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    Get ready to enter your own personal Hops Heaven! This Brewcraft kit has all the ingredients you need to create your very own Dry Hopped West Coast IPA! Whether you're an experienced homebrewer or just getting started, you'll appreciate the convenience of this Brewcraft kit. Inside you'll find several varieties of hops, malt, grains, crystals, sugar, yeast, and necessary equipment like bottle caps and grain straining bags. Of course, you'll also find a complete set of instructions that will help you turn this box of ingredients into a world-class brew that you'll be proud to call your own! If you're a hop-head with a passion for a well-made IPA, it's time to step up to the plate and brew your own batch with the easy-to-use Dry Hopped West Coast IPA Brewcraft kit! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Full box of ingredients to make your own West Coast IPA. Includes instructions for hassle-free brewing. Includes: (1) Pack (1 oz.) Cascade hops. (1) Pack (1 oz.) Chinook hops. (1) Pack (1 oz.) Columbus hops. (2) Packs (1 oz. each) Nugget hops. (1) Pack priming sugar. (1) Pack brewing grain. (50) Bottle caps. (1) Pack (11.5 g) dry ale yeast. (4) Hops steeping bags. (1) Grain steeping bag. (1) Pack (1 lb.) brewers crystals. (2) Packs (3 lbs. each) dry malt. (1) Instruction sheet. . .

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