• Breyer Clydesdale Mare and Foal Set

    Intrepid International

  • $208.54

  • Description

    Known as "gentle giants" for their large size and easy-going temperaments, the Clydesdale is used for pulling, riding, and driving. While their coloring is typically bay or chestnut with flashy white feathering on their legs, some Clydesdales will display excessive white markings or a roan coloring, as seen in the white patch of color on the this mare's belly. The height of an adult Clydesdale can range upwards from 16 hands (horses are measured in "hands" which is equal to 4") to more than 18 hands high, and they can weigh over 1,600 pounds! These horses are even large at birth, with newborn foals weighing about 150 pounds and standing around 9 hands high (about 3' at the withers).

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