• Breyer Renaissance Horse And Rider

    Intrepid International

  • $199.50

  • Description

    The Breyer Renaissance Horse's tack is richly decorated and highlighted with splendid red jewels. The elegant female rider is dressed in her finest dress of steady palfrey horse. A palfrey horse was a well-bred riding horse that was popular with nobility and knights because of its unique four-beat gait called an amble, which they could sustain for long periods of time. Since their gait was so smooth, a lady riding sidesaddle had a safer and more comfortable ride.
    The modern sidesaddle was created during the European Renaissance when Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, asked to have a second pommel, or horn, added just beneath the main pommel of her saddle. By placing her leg securely between the two pommels and one foot in the slipper-shaped stirrup, a woman could now sit facing the head of the horse and have a safer seat and control her own mount.
    This ornate two-piece set is the perfect gift for the holidays, and is sure to be a hit with collectors of all ages. 8" rider is fully articulated!

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