• Brittany (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

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    Developed in France from working setters and spaniels to produce a hunting dog who would be a biddable, loyal and versatile companion, the Brittany has proven itself in both fields. Although bred for function, the Brittany is a natural beauty in his handsomely fringed coat and appealing expression. The breed’s affinity for children and its affection and playful personality have made him a favorite choice as a family pet. For the owners who can provide this energetic dog with the activity, stimulation and training he requires, the Brittany will not disappoint.  

    Written by one of the country’s most respected dog show judges and authors, Richard Beauchamp, this book provides insightful chapters on the breed’s history, characteristics and standard as well as puppy selection, grooming, health care and feeding. The new owner will welcome advice about puppy-proofing the home, preparing for the pup’s arrival, housebreaking and preventing puppy problems.

    The book is not only well written and informative but also beautifully illustrated with over 135 color photographs. Helpful hints and important information are highlighted to provide easy access to everything the reader needs to know about life with a Brittany from puppyhood to the senior years.

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