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    Broo Shampoo Hydrating Porter Warm Vanilla 8 oz. (236 ml) Broo Shampoo Hydrating Porter Warm Vanilla helps you go from dry to drenched instantly. Broo Shampoo issulfate-free, color-friendly, pH-balanced, silicone-free, sodium chloride-free (gentle on chemically straightened hair) and 100% Vegan. Broo Shampoo lathers like no other natural shampoo. Hydrating Porter has a scent ofdelicious vanilla, toffee, and caramel notes, with a subtle chocolate and coconut finish.Broo's recipe: Pop the top on a microbrewed Oatmeal Porter, with real oatmeal, to SOOTHE. Add a medium shot of BROOLuxe, their revolutionary natural alternative to silicone to MAINTAIN MOISTURE. BOOST with Shea Butter to HYDRATE & SOFTEN. Blend withBroo's unique mix of 3 gentle, sulfate-free cleansers. Serve up for a quenching Hydration Libation! Barley.Hops.Beautiful Beer is the superdrink for hair! The B Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals make your hair strong, healthy and shiny! Now with BROOLuxe, their revolutionary Natural Alternative to Silicone. Beauty In Beer Whenthey were looking for a way to get great-looking hair without all the chemicals,the people at Broo'smoms toldthem to pour beer ontheir heads, the way they had done back in college (for body and shine). Of course,the first questionwas, "Beer?" So they rolled uptheir sleeves, grabbed a bottle opener and started researching the beauty in beer.They found the answer in four words: Barley, hops, yeast and water, the ingredients in beer. So simple, yet so magical. Why? Because through the magic of the brewing process, thousands of natural chemical reactions occur, and barley, hops, yeast and water are turned into a beverage that's hopping with B vitamins, proteins and minerals. In the Middle Ages, they referred to delicious, nutritious beer as "liquid bread!"Broo calls it the "Superdrink" for beautiful hair! Now, if you want to earn a degree in "beer beauty," read on.

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