• Bucky Luggage 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask (Floral Blue / One Size)


  • $3.25

  • Description

    The sleepmask that looks like a bra for your eyes. Created from the same material as swimwear, the 40 Blinks weigh just .57 oz and conform to facial contours without pressure. The completely light-blocking convex eye sections allow the wearer to blink without friction and protect side lashes from twisting and tangling during sleep. Adjustable elastic strap with velcro closure allows the wearer to create the perfect fit without pressure on the ears. It feels like someone turned out the lights! The 40 Blinks are ultra-flexible and can be folded in half and fitted into a pocket for portable sleep. Great for people who travel long distances, who work a double shift and would like to nap during their break and those people who crave a good night's sleep. Light is the number one reason that people can't sleep. The 40 Blinks, while blocking light, encourage natural melatonin production so that wearers sleep more deeply and for longer periods. Because the 40 Blinks are so comfortable, wearers use them nightly to get the sleep that they need.

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