• Bug Off Instant Screen - Extra Long Sizes (Size: 36"W x 84"H)

    Wolf & Moon Products, Inc.

  • $44.95

  • Description

    NEW SIZES - including extra-long for custom-built homes! This ingenious split screen closes itself completely, every time, so bugs don't come in each time children go out. The secret? Overlapping center magnets - just push against them to open, no hands needed. Installs and removes incredibly easily, with a spring tension rod and hook 'n loop anchors. Standard sizes fit doors up to 78"- 80"H; new extra-long sizes fit doorways up to 96"H. See Details for measuring and ordering tips. Please measure your door before ordering. For Odd-Size Doors An odd-size door will accept a screen up to 1" wider. For example, for a 29"W door, order the 30" screen. (Please note: if the size difference exceeds 1"W, the screen will not fit--i.e., a 30"W screen will not fit a 28"W door.) You may also use a screen up to 1" smaller than a door. For example, a 36" screen will fit a 37" door. However, the hook 'n loop anchors will not grip the door jam as securely, so this is not recommended for high-traffic doors. For French Doors and Double Doors We have sizes to fit 4 ft., 5 ft, and 6 ft. French doors and double doors. If you use only one door, we recommend a reversible screen, available in 60" and 72" widths. This will allow you to close both doors without removing the Bug Off screen. You may also choose a smaller 30", 32", or 36" screen, mounting it between the doorjamb and the door that stays closed. In this event, you will need to remove the screen when you're ready to close both doors. However, it only takes a minute to take down the screen, roll it up, and store it away. For Sliding Doors In most cases, the door that slides open is half the width of the entire glass door area--so order a 30" screen for a 5 ft. (60") door, or a 36" screen for a 6 ft. (72") door. However, please measure to be sure. Be sure to measure the height of the door as well as the width. The screen must clear the bottom track in order to open and close properly. Many people use both the

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