• Built NY Six-Pack Tote - Black


  • $24.00

  • Description

    Keep those drinks cold until you're ready for 'em. Neoprene Built NY Cooler Totes put down the big chill. Built from hi-tech neoprene, this Tote is like a wetsuit for your beverages. Holds six 12-oz. bottles or cans. Only instead of keeping the cold out... they keep it in. Protects and insulates your wine, water, beer, pop or other beverages. Two-chamber padded construction keeps even glass containers safe and secure. Machine washable, and stores flat when not in use. Imagine ice-cold root beer on a hot, sunny day. Order Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Built NY 32-oz. Tote - word search in our Store for 'Built NY'. Built NY 6-Pk. Tote

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