• Bulk Ginger Root Powder ORGANIC, Fair Trade Certified, 16 oz Bulk Bag

    Frontier / Simply Organic / Aura Cacia

  • $30.36

  • Description

    Years ago, Frontier decided to become the quality leader in the natural food industry. Frontier visits growers all over the world to observe and discuss the growing and harvesting of the herbs and spices they buy. Over the years, they have built relationships with quality-conscious suppliers who consistently provide the best of a year's crop and respect our standards-including no irradiated products. Thorough inspection of a pre-shipment sample is performed on each product Frontier buys. Using their in-house lab as well as independent labs, they run tests for flavor, color, aroma, moisture, mesh size, volatile oil content, bacteria count, pesticides, and herbicides. Only 40% of the samples Frontier tests are approved and released for production.

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