• BUMP & BLEMISH- 4 Oz (120 ml) Ingrown Hairs (Razor Bumps) PLUS Dark Spot Corrector. 2 in 1 Product. Great for Bikini Bumps, Razor Burn, Pseudofolliculitis (PFB).

    ESBA Laboratories

  • $19.99

  • Description

    Hair trapped into the skin, or growing back into the skin, creates a foreign body reaction resulting in inflammation (redness, swelling and pain). This results in the appearance of "bumps" in the skin. These are referred to as razor bumps (also known as PseudoFolliculitis Barbae or PFB), ingrown hairs or razor burn depending on the degree of severity. These problems are common after shaving, tweezing and waxing, specially when the hair is thick, curly and in an area in close contact with clothes. The problems may also occur, but less frequently, after electrolysis and laser hair removal. Apply BUMP & BLEMISH ® CHROME FORMULA immediately after any hair removal procedure, and daily afterward, to keep the skin clear and smooth.

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