• Bungalow Bathrooms (Bungalow Basics)

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    "Bungalow Bathrooms will help you pick just the right faucet, sink, tile, cabinetry, and more-whether you want to replicate a specific era or install modern elements that mimic classic looks." ( Better Homes & Gardens Remodeling Ideas  2000-01-01) "Not only does the book deliver practical information on restoring or designing a period bathroom for today's home, it also contains a humorous account of the history of the bathroom " ( Los Angeles Times  2000-01-01) "This new book on bathrooms is as satisfying as a long soak in the tub after a hard day's work renovating a bungalow." ( Fine Homebuilding  2000-01-01)
           Contents  Acknowledgments Introduction History of the Modern Bathroom Nuts and Bolts Eye Appeal Layout and Design Assessing Your Needs and Dealing with Professionals Resources Bibliography

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