• Busting The Legs: Going Offensive Inside The Guard

    Paladin Press

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    In this controversial video groundfighting expert and best-selling author Mark Hatmaker shows you that there's little to fear when you're inside your opponent's guard. With his typical attention to detail, Hatmaker begins this veritable encyclopedia of antiguard techniques by teaching the "buzzsaw:" striking, grinding and brutal pressuring moves that will make your opponent wish he'd never gotten on the mat in the first place. He then goes into grappling techniques from every aspect of the guard: when you're in the low guard, the half guard and the high guard, with all the necessary variations: when your opponent's feet are in your hips, when your opponent has wrist grab cohesion, when he has double elevators in and more.
    Throughout, Hatmaker refines the most commonly shown locks and submissions, showing you how you may be doing them wrong or how you can make them even more effective. In addition, he demonstrates the highest percentage submissions available from being in the guard, counters to those submissions and even counters to the counters.
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