• Butterscotch Flavor, 2.0 oz.

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    Frontier Alcohol Free Butterscotch Flavor - 2 oz. (59 ml) Add Frontier Alcohol Free Butterscotch Flavor by the dash to candy, pudding and cookie recipes, icings, coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes. Frontier Alcohol Free Butterscotch Flavor is alcohol free and kosher. SpicesFrontier is where you'll find the best in flavorful organic spices, all natural spices and seasonings and fair trade spices. Frontier's dedication to sustainable sourcing and stringent quality standards means you get the highest quality every time. Frontier's Natural vs. Organic Herbs and SpicesToday, Frontier offers the option of both natural and certified organic herbs and spices. What's the difference? Organic: All of Frontier's organic products are USDA certified and are natural. Organic includes how a product is grown and harvested as well as post-harvest processing, treatment and handling. Natural: Frontier Natural Products Standard covers post-harvest treatment and processing. Frontier does not purchase any herbs or spices that have been treated with irradiation or chemicals such as ethylene oxide (EtO) and there are a number of other ingredients and processes that are not allowed. Taste That Makes A Difference.Frontier sources their spices from growers committed to quality, sustainability and ethical trade. Frontier strives to build partnerships and better the lives of smaller growers in developing countries with fair pricing programs. QualityYou can trust Frontier products to be the freshest, purest and most sustainably produced. Simply put, quality effects taste and efficacy. Frontier Natural Products never produces or markets products that make empty claims or contain questionable ingredients. Once herbs and spices arrive at Frontier, every aspect of their handling is done with quality in mind. Allergen ControlFrontier Natural Products Co-op has implemented very rigorous standards in manufacturing that prevent cross-contamination of allergens.

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