• C‐Trax supine traction with TMJ halter

    FEI Fabrication Enterprises (page 1 to 150 on pricelist)

  • $35.99

  • Description

    Supine C-Trax intermittent, Patient-controlled Supine Cervical Traction, Head Halter Style, C-Trax with TMJ Halter The physical therapist designed Supine C-Trax™ utilizes research preferred supine positioning and patient-controlled intermittent traction force. Using any door frame, it quickly and easily sets up. Positioning into cervical flexion or extension is as effortless. The one-of-a-kind intermittent traction attachment allows the choice of intermittent or static traction for patient comfort. The uniquely designed spreader bar eliminates the common problem of head halter slippage. Available with patient exercise guide with education and anatomical drawings, and 20 lb water weight bag. Also available with the choice of universal or TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) head halter. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

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