• Cacao Beans with Pulp (Raw, Organic) 8 oz

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    These beans are the lowest fermentation possible, closest to unfermented. Cacao beans can begin to ferment while still in the pod on the tree. These beans are removed from the pods, washed and dried immediately. They are the closest to the natural fruit. The Cacao tree shares a wide array of unique properties. Unfermented cacao beans (seeds) are better than the low fermented chocolate beans and they taste bitter. They also have the pulp still attached. These cacao beans are whitish-brown externally, purpleish-brown internally, and embedded in a whitish, sweetish, buttery pulp. You can eat the whole seed or peel them. Net wt.: 8 oz. Product of Mexico. Warning! Eating cacao may cause you to have an incredible day. Special Notes: - Refrigeration of these cacao beans is not required, although recommended for optimum freshness. - These high quality beans are Organic, raw cacao beans and very rare.

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