• Caffe Froth Monet Milk Frother, Black


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    Turn nonfat milk into a wonderful foamy topping for your favorite coffee drink, adding richness without the fat. (Whole milk may be used, but nonfat really does give the best results.) Just add milk, pump, and serve. Don't be tempted to overfill--and be sure to pump gently to prevent the milk from spurting out. If you prefer hot froth, remove the plunger after pumping and pop the carafe into the microwave. A fat-free topping for fruit or dessert is just seconds away, embellished with sugar and/or vanilla if you like. The long-handled scoop lets you get every last spoonful, and the color-coordinated coaster provides a protective perch. All pieces of the set are top-rack dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is recommended. Before washing, unscrew the screen assembly from the frother rod so that you can wipe off the milky residue thoroughly.  --Cynthia Nims 
           This manual milk frother will turn your non-fat milk into rich, creamy froth in just a few pumps.  Use it when you want to add froth to your hot chocolate, cappuccino, and other gourmet coffee drinks.The Cafe Froth Monet Frother features a high-dome stain

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