• Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8" Omelette with Cover


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    Calphalon refines the art of cooking omelets and sautéing vegetables with this 8-inch omelet pan. With its nonstick interior and gently sloped sides, the pan cradles your omelet--gliding it smoothly and easily across the skillet's surface. When finished, slide the omelet from pan to plate without reaching for the spatula. The pan's thick, wide bottom conducts heat beautifully, creating omelets cooked to a perfect consistency.   Calphalon's Contemporary Nonstick cookware features a hard-anodized exterior for durability and heat retention and a nonstick interior. The nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze. The pan also includes a matte-finish handle that stays cool on the stovetop, while its slip-resistant grip ensures the pan won't fall from your hand if slightly wet. Topping off the skillet is a glass-and-stainless cover that lets you view your food while cooking--a great touch when simmering stews, heating sauces, or sautéing meats. Contemporary Nonstick cookware is oven-safe to 450 degrees F, and hand washing is recommended. The cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.  --Rivers Janssen 
           Perfect flips, and no flops! Calphalon’s Contemporary Nonstick omelette pans feature a thick, flat, wide bottom for quick, even heating and cooking with little to no oils. The gently sloping sides and nonstick surface allow the omelet to glide freely, flip in one quick motion and slide easily from the pan to your plate. Plus, cleanup is easy. The rolled stainless steel Cool Touch handle conducts heat more slowly than cast iron handles, so it stays cool on the stove top. It’s sure to bring out your sunny side.

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