• Calphalon Pantryware 8 Qt. Multi Pot


  • $84.99

  • Description

    Ideal for myriad cooking options, this four-piece set is sturdily made  of 18/10 stainless steel. Key to the set's versatility is an 8-quart pot with an  aluminum disk in its bottom to conduct heat quickly and uniformly. With or  without its tempered-glass lid, the pot can be used for simmering soup or stock  and for cooking beef stew or pasta sauce. Two steamer inserts come along, a  shallow one for steaming vegetables, fish fillets, or pieces of poultry and a  deep one for cooking pasta or steaming lots of vegetables. The entire set is  dishwasher-safe, and the aluminum disk in the pot's bottom is fully enclosed in  stainless steel for a uniform look and easy cleanup. The inserts are highly  polished, while the pot has a contemporary brushed-steel exterior with a  mirror-finish band under the rim. The set carries a 10-year warranty against  defects.  --Fred Brack 
           Great tastes come to those who wait. Calphalon stock pots are ideal for stews, stock, chili and other moist-cooked dishes. heavy-gauge aluminum is responsive to temperature changes, whether you're slowly simmering or rapidly boiling.

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