• Canada Socks - Charcoal Heather, Medium


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    Over one-hundred years ago, in 1905, Herbert Chesebro and the Hand Knit Hosiery Company were busy manufacturing socks for the lumberjacks. The lumberjacks needed durable heavy wool socks due to their rugged labor. Later, the company was renamed Wigwam. Wigwam continually seeks to incorporate the newest fibers and fashions for anyone who needs socks for any occasion. Socks are available for hiking, running and other types of active sports. If you are looking for cotton or wool sock, these are also available. Popular items are: Acrylic Headband; Watch Cap Beanie; At Work Uniform Socks; Ultimax running mini crew socks, 40 degrees below socks; cable knee high sock, slouch sock, athletic socks, and many more. One popular sock is the Wigwam CT Low Cut Sock. Comfort is a given with this sock as it has a cushioned sole, rolled welt top, 1x1 mock rib leg and a smooth looped toe seam for maximum comfort. This sock combines CoolMax® and cotton to create Wigwam's multi-sport Wonder-Wick® Moisture control system. CoolMax® polyester has a larger surface area to allow for faster evaporation and moisture and its four-channel construction moves moisture faster for dry and cool comfort.

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