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    Fighting is difficult enough when you've got space and unrestricted movement–it's much more dangerous when you don't. In his latest video release,  Car Kem-'ba-tivz: Fighting in Confined Spaces , well-known Paladin author and combatives expert Kelly McCann provides you with wickedly effective techniques for use in and around vehicles. With this release, the first product in the  Kem-'ba-tivz—Sudden Violence Series , Paladin is proud to offer the first video filmed on location at McCann's new Kem-'ba-tivz Civilian Training Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is finally making his hard-hitting brand of combatives accessible to civilians. Violent crime is on the rise in the United States, and more and more assaults are taking place in and around vehicles. Carjackings, strong-arm robberies, rapes, and assaults are difficult to defend against when you're trapped, with little or no room to maneuver, generate power or even escape. In this exciting new video McCann walks you through several realistic scenarios, including what you should do if a vehicle blocks your path and a gunman approaches, you are forcibly bent over a vehicle hood and being choked or threatened with a weapon, you're shoved into a vehicle and attacked, or you're forced to fight off an attacker who climbs into the passenger seat and attacks you. Brutally efficient, these techniques teach you how to make the best out of a bad situation. Car Kem-'ba-tivz  presents a fast-paced, tight treatment of a real-world problem facing everyone these days.  If you know anything about Kelly McCann's instructional products, you know your time and money won't be wasted with this video.  For information purposes only.

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