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    ELK Cast Metal Puzzle from Hanayama Puzzles of Japan is both a delightful and tricky brain teaser puzzle. It consists of TWO pieces which completely separate. 

    The object is to disassemble and assemble back together. Measures approximately 1.25 inches across.

    This is a really fascinating disentanglement brainteaser. The ELKS antlers look identical, but there could be (?) some very minor differences.

    Rated by the manufacturer as a level 6 difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 6 where 6 is the most challenging.) The number on the packaging indicates the level of difficulty. Your own experience could vary substantially. ELK is part of a series of 45 plus very interesting and mentally provocative metal brain teasers from the Hanayama Puzzle Company. Some serious puzzlers refer to these as "disentanglement-style puzzles" as they involve taking something apart and then re-assembling. Re-assembly can also be a puzzle and may be equally as tricky.

    Reminder. NO FORCE is ever required to solve the puzzle. Just a series of clever moves.

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