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    RING is a super enlarged version of a very famous disentanglement puzzle from hundreds of years ago. Looks easy ! Four inter-twined puzzle bands. Simply allowing the ring to tip sideways and the puzzle comes undone. Re-assembly is tricky. Each band must be properly positioned and twisted around to put the ring smoothly back together.

    Requires NO FORCE. Just clever manipulations.

    Measures approximately 2 inches in diameter. So it CANNOT be worn on one's finger.

    This is an exact, except much enlarged, replica of the famous Turkish Wedding Ring from hundreds of years ago. Meaning the puzzle interlock is identical. It is tough brain teaser.

    Historically (so the tale goes) puzzle rings were so fiendishly difficult that Warriors gave them to their wives when they went to war. Should a wife be unfaithful, removing the wedding ring .... it would come apart. The husband/warrior would know about the discretion once he returned. Turkish Puzzle Rings are historically fun and fanciful.

    Rated as a level 4 difficulty by the Hanayama Puzzle Company. "Scale of Difficulty" goes from 1 Easy to 6 Most Difficult. Your experience may differ.

    Recommended for ages 12 to 105 years. More geared to adults. Not a young child's toy, but a few bright 8 year olds may enjoy this style puzzle.

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