• Cat Hugga Wubba, Blue

    Gralen Company

  • $9.70

  • Description

    Fun Cat Toy

    Watch your pet feline paw, tackle and wrestle KONG Hugga Wubba Cat toy. Infused with premium North American catnip, the toy also makes a rattling sound and has a crackly tail. It stimulates your cat's senses of sight, smell and touch and encourages continuous play. It is available in pink, blue and purple.

    KONG Hugga Wubba Cat

    • Also available with a teaser pole for interactive play
    • Irresistible catnip scent to attract your cat

    It is specially designed to encourage interactive play and fun.

    A Closer Look: The Hugga Wubba is covered with ultra-soft fleece material with a snuggly texture.

    Made Specially for: Cats of all ages


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