• Cathe Friedrich's 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights (2007)

    Cathe Friedrich

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  • Description

    The 4 Day Split is designed to be the ultimate cardio and strength weekly workout program that fits your busy lifestyle. It consists of four (approx. 60 minute) workouts. Each workout has a separate cardio segment followed by an intense heavy weight training routine. We use the push pull training approach since time is of the essence and we want to effectively maximize your time as with little to no rest between exercises. The 4 Day Split series comes in one DVD case with  two DVD discs for maximum premix value.
    Higher Intensity Step is 59 super fun minutes of  advanced step aerobics loaded with intricate combos as well as more basic athletic movement. The workout continues with heavy weight training for the chest and back. These ultra-effective exercises were selected to hit the muscles from a wide variety of angles to provide a complete and thorough challenge.
    Lower Intensity Step is 66 minutes of non-stop cardio conditioning and intense strength training. You'll love the high-energy, low impact variety the step aerobics segment delivers ; plus you'll keep burning body fat as you move onto heavy weight training for the shoulders, core and calves. A perfect mix of traditional and non-traditional strength training exercises are provided to keep the workload interesting and effective.
    Boot Camp is 62 minutes of ultra-challenging athletic drills designed to enhance your cardio capacity as well as your agility and coordination. Strength benefits are also promoted during the bicep and tricep heavy weight training segment. Various intensity-building approaches are used to define the overall arm muscles.
    Kickbox is a 71 contagious minutes of easy to-follow, athletic-based kickboxing followed by intense leg and core weight training. Your heart rate rarely drops as you kick, punch and jump your way through an intense cardio segment and then continue to work equally hard as you hit all areas of the lower body and core from all angles with various equipment.

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