• Cathe Friedrich's Gym Harcore Series: Gym Style Legs DVD

    Cathe Friedrich

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    Gym Style Legs is a comprehensive 60 plus minute workout that focuses on the use of compound and isolation exercises which target the legs, glutes, and buttock area. Both traditional and non-traditional exercises will help strengthen and firm even the most stubborn areas. This workout will use a wide variety of weight ranges and rep patterns in a controlled manner. Do this workout one to two times per week and in conjunction with our other Gym Style Workouts. Here is the breakdown of this workout:
    Warm Up * 
    Standing Legs *
    Barbell Squats *
    2nd set 3rd set plus bonus reps *
    Front lunges w/dumbbells 
    set #2
    Rear lunges w/dumbbells *
    Plie Squats w/dumbbells 
    2nd set 
    Leg Press w/band *
    2nd set barbell deadlift w/toes elevated *
    barbell stiff legged deadlifts on high step *
    slow motion lunges w/dumbbells *
    standing calf raises *
    Floorwork Legs *
    Tibialis anterior toe pulls *
    Glute squeezes on the ball *
    One legged Roll Outs on the ball (this goes right into glute presses) *
    Glute Presses on the ball *
    glute tucks w/step and band *
    Roll In's on the ball *
    Inner thigh squeeze on the ball *
    Inner thigh lifts w/band *
    vertical outer thigh press w/band *
    outer thigh raises w/band *
    Stretch **

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