• Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Series: Slide 'N Glide

    Cathe Friedrich

  • $19.20

  • Description

    This workout DVDE simply never slows down! After a solid 20 minute super intense, low impact, cardio slide and glide segment, you'll finish off with a Slide and Glide total body workout. And guess what? You'll do all of this with nothing but your Slide and Glide discs or Valslide (you can also use paper plates), a resistance band and a mat. Make sure to select the right disc set up for your type of flooring (get the original Valslide if you have carpeted floor; get the Valslide with Booties if you have hardwood flooring). 
    This workout features a "vocals only" option which allows you to play your own music if desired. The total time of Slide N Glide is 52 min ( Warm-up 4:49, Cardio Standing Slide 21:22, Seated and floor slide 20:34, Stretch 5:04)

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