• Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Step + Total Body Sculpting DVD

    Cathe Friedrich

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    This DVD contains two workouts and three Premixes: LOW IMPACT STEP :   LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate* LENGTH: 40 minutes * EQUIPMENT: You'll only need a step to do this workout * This low impact step routine is fun and easy to follow. Not only will you burn calories and fat, you'll also shape your buns and thighs with this intense low impact step choreography mixed with challenging low impact blasts. In multiple studies, research has shown that interval training is the best cardiovascular activity for fat and calorie loss, and to improve your overall fitness level. For best results, it's recommended that you do the workout three times per week. The workout is performed on an 6 inch platform, but any step height lower than 6 inches is fine as long as your heart rate remains in its training zone for the duration of the workout. **TOTAL BODY SCULPTING :     LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate * LENGTH: 30 minutes * EQUIPMENT: Stability ball and light dumbbells * Shapes and tone your muscles while burning fat and calories! This workout features a stability ball and 3-pound hand weights. Increasing your weight selection when the exercises become too easy will help you progress in your fitness training. More muscle equals a greater capacity for your body to burn fat, increasing your metabolism -- so don't be afraid to boost your weight selection. For best results, it is recommended that you do this total body workout two times per week.

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