• Cathe Friedrich's Low Max DVD

    Cathe Friedrich

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    Low Max exercise DVD is a 70 minute High Intensity Low Impact workout performed on an 8 inch step height (this height is optional and no higher than 8 inches is recommended). The workout begins with an 8 minute warm up and is followed by 7 low impact step combo's alternated with 7 low impact intensity blasts. A 6 minute stretch completes the workout. All of the step combo's are approximately 5 minutes in length and all of the intensity blasts are approximately 3 minutes in length. The combo's are broken down with just enough learning curve so that they do not become overly repetitive for future workouts.
     Step Combo #1....You will see some mambo's, pivot turns, rock horse variations and things of this nature.
    Blast #1....Low impact defensive squats with rhythmic changes and patterns to bring the heart rate up while shaping the thighs.
    Step Combo #2...A more athletic/kickbox step approach with dynamic movements.
    Blast #2....A long series of rhythmic lunge kicks that will surely elevate the heart rate a shape the legs.
    Step Combo #3....Slightly intricate step choreography with a bit more learning curve included. This has some triple steps, step sweeps, pivots, slap claps etc.
    Blast #3....Dynamic outer thigh movements and sculpting drills.
    Step Combo #4....a slightly tricky combo but easy to catch on.
    Blast #4......Slam It's and leg drills
    Step Combo #5.....A straight forward combo consisting of high leg kicks and other moves
    Blast #5.....high intensity leg drills with a few variations
    Step Combo #6....a fun march, mambo, and shuffle combo.
    Blast #6....low speed skaters, hammer punch lunges and other low dynamic moves
    Step Combo #7....A fun and unique kickbox combo that is a little tricky but worth the effort
    Blast #7....Tap n side kicks followed by low reaching lunges. Cool Down & Stretch: A two minute cooldown followed by a 6 minute stretch.

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