• Cathe Friedrich's Power Hour + MIS & Body Max DVD

    Cathe Friedrich

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    Power Hour is a total body muscular endurance workout using a barbell and dumbbells  You'll begin with a warm up, then target a major muscle group and work it to exhaustion.  To do this, each muscle group will engage in high repetitions and a series of various weighted movement patterns.  To get superior results, you will need to find the most challenging weight possible yet still maintain good form and alignment.  You'll complete the workout with a relaxing stretch.  This workout promotes good posture, improved muscle tone, strengthens your core region (the body's center of power), and promotes functional fitness.  It's an all around winner workout! Maximum Intensity Strength is a 75 minute advanced muscular conditioning video.
    This workout requires the use of a barbell, dumbbells and a Step. Cathe has structured the workout to target all the major muscle groups beginning with the larger muscle groups first. Each muscle group is worked to exhaustion before moving on to the next.
    This super challenging workout concludes with an intense 10 minute abdominal routine. BodyMax is a completely different type of workout with the emphasis on aerobics and endurance. A step, barbell and dumbbells are used. This cross-training workout begins with 24 minutes of simple but intense step aerobics.
    The circuit section in the middle of the workout , is approx. 20 min & will provide you with a "shock your metabolism" effect since it consists of 5 cycles - each one moving quickly from high intensity step - to plyo step - to a very brief recovery and immediately into leg work with weights. The 3rd section is  20 min. and provides an all-out-non stop- upper body-weight workout. Cathe then takes you through a 7 min. killer ab routine and stretch. Body Max is a cross training workout within itself. We suggest you use this on a day that you want to target and condition every major muscle in your body but also want to get an intense cardio workout.

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