• Cathe Friedrich's STS Ab Circuits DVD (2009)

    Cathe Friedrich

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  • Description

    Ab Circuits contains the following seven ab routines:
    #1 Yoga-Based Abs
    #2 Pilates-Based Abs
    #3 Weights and Plates Abs
    #4 Stability Ball Abs
    #5 No Equipment Abs
    #6 Medicine Ball Abs + Bonus Medicine Ball with a Partner Abs
    #7 Bonus Medicine Ball with a Partner Abs Only
    Ab Circuits was designed to specifically coincide with the STS shock training program. Expect to "shock" your entire core/abdominal region with the following various workout programs: Yoga-Based Abs, Pilates-Based Abs, Stability Ball Abs, Medicine Ball Abs, Plate and Weight Based Abs, and even Bonus Medicine Ball with a Partner Abs (although this one is an added option). You'll love the varied balance and strength challenges each workout provides. The best part of all is that there is something for everyone as well as everything for someone. For best results do two or three different workouts per week. Enjoy them after your STS workouts or simply on their own. Either way, the results are yours!

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