• Cereal Cream of Wheat Orig 1m

    Sysco Distributing

  • $15.00

  • Description

    Cream of Wheat Original 2.5 minute enriched farina is made with ground wheat and has a smooth texture. The traditional cook on stove product is prepared by boiling water or milk and slowly pouring in the ground wheat while stirring. This variety simmers while stirring for 2 and half minutes after the ground wheat is blended. This product may also be cooked using a microwave oven for faster and easier preparation. Throughout the years, cream of wheat has maintained its position as one of the nation’s leading hot breakfast cereals. Original, cook on stove cream of wheat is the same nutritious product that has been a standby in homes for over 90 years. Instant varieties of cream of wheat were gradually added, providing consumers on the run a healthful, hot breakfast.

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